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WEEE Directive Hazardous Waste Lamp Recycling

The Mercury from 1 single Fluorescent Tube is enough to pollute 30,000 Litres of Water beyond the safe drinking level in the UK.

Fluorescent Tubes contain in general 94% Glass, 4% Ferrous and Non ferrous metals, and 2% Phosphor Powder, It is within this phosphor powder that the most hazardous element is contained- Mercury.

The Environment Agency has therefore determined that Fluorescent Tubes are now classified as Hazardous Waste in England and Wales, as Special Waste by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), and therefore should preferably be recycled or if absolutely necessary, taken to specific landfill sites which can cater for mercury bearing wastes. The actual number of sites in the UK that can cater for such waste is very limited and given high transportation and disposal costs nowadays, this makes recycling of your Fluorescent Tubes and Lamps the most economical and environmentally friendly option.

Apart from the Environmental aspect to Recycling Fluorescent Tubes and Lamps, it is also very important to the health and safety of your employees, an employee for example attempting to dispose of a Fluorescent Tube in a skip, not only would he be condemning the whole skip as Hazardous Waste, with costly consequences of its safe disposal, but he would also be exposed to the potential dangers of broken glass and also the inhalation of small amounts of toxic materials released as dust and vapour.

Therefore all in all, Recycling Fluorescent Tubes and Lamps via Wholesale Lighting can be the most economical, ethical and environmentally safe option you have!

Wholesale Lighting provide a FREE OF CHARGE service for all customers based in Central London who purchase their lamps from us. We will supply you with a plastic telescopic container that is easily stored and when full we will arrange the necessary collection and supply you with the official duty of care paperwork.

Hazardous waste lamp types include: 

  • Straight fluorescent tubes
  • Circular fluorescent tubes
  • Compact fluorescent lamps
  • High intensity discharge lamps
    • High pressure sodium HPS or SON
    • Low pressure sodium SOX lamps - street lighting
    • Metal halide
    • Ceramic metal halide
    • Mercury
    • Xenon
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